Custom t-shirts have many benefits for schools that help build unity and foster school spirit.  We list a few of the most useful reasons why schools love custom school t-shirts.

  1. Walking School Billboards – Custom t-shirts are an affordable way for students and faculty to show their school pride whether in the classroom or throughout the community.  If it’s supporting their athletic teams, trips to the mall, or field trip outings, custom t-shirts will help convey your message and school pride everywhere they go.

  1. Affordable Option For Athletic Teams – School athletic uniforms are expensive, and an alternative to the high cost of custom athletic uniforms for schools is the custom t-shirt. In these times of shrinking school budgets, custom t-shirts can outfit a basketball, soccer or another athletic team with affordable uniforms without tanking the entire athletic budget.  You can even print your uniforms on an array of performance apparel from moisture wicking t-shirts, baseball raglans, or reversible tank-tops.

  1. Builds Unity – Custom t-shirts are also a great way to build school unity among students. A school can distribute t-shirt during back-to-school events to help make newcomers feel welcome and rekindle camaraderie among returning students.  Throughout the decades custom t-shirts have become an enduring unity builder for teams, clubs, and academic organizations.

  1. Create Lasting Memories – There’s no better way to memorialize an event than with a t-shirt. And since schools have tons of events custom t-shirts make the perfect item to help remember them.  Custom t-shirts are even better than photos because simply you’re wearing it, and it’s easier to share.  This is why vacation souvenir and family reunion t-shirts are such a hit and a must have.

  1. Making Field Trips Safer – With safety the most paramount concern during field trips, custom t-shirts can help keep students safe when they are all wearing the same bright-colored school t-shirt. This helps the students stand out in a crowd, and can even be printed with a name plate for student identification if a student happens to stray away from the group.  During larger school outings, classes or grades can be separated by similar colors to make classification and accountability easier for chaperones.

  1. Motivational Giveaway For Students – The relatively low-cost as well as its ease of customization make t-shirts perfect for giveaways. They can be easily customized with your school logo or mascot, or with a special cause or event.  They also make a great student incentive for performance contest or raffles.

  1. A Welcomed Break From Uniforms – Since most schools are now required to wear uniforms, custom t-shirts can make for a welcomed break from the monotony of the day-to-day uniform. Offering a “spirit day” where students are required to wear any of the schools custom t-shirts is a change from the routine that the students will look forward to, plus the sale of t-shirts create a sustainable revenue stream for the school.

  1. Unique Revenue Stream – Selling custom t-shirts is a great way to offset the seemingly everlasting budget cutbacks schools have to endure. There are a wide array of creative ways they can be sold, from fundraisers, to contest, to support of athletic teams and academic organizations.   When made an alternative to uniforms (See a Welcomed Break from Uniforms above) the sale of custom t-shirts will become a consistent revenue stream for the school year after year.

  1. Advertise Your Schools Achievement – Custom t-shirts that reward a student of their achievement not only provides incentive, but also excitement and a sense of school pride. They are one of the best gifts a student can receive for achievement because they can wear it everywhere the go, and all that see the student wearing the t-shirt will know the special recognition the student received.

  1. Strengthen The Community – When an entire community wants to get behind its schools the easiest way to express this support is with custom t-shirts. Custom t-shirts worn by all in the community show how important education is to the community, and also shows the students their civic, athletic or academic endeavors are fully supported by the community at large.